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Bundesverband Zeitgenössischer Zirkus in Deutschland

Bundesverband Zeitgenössischer Zirkus e.V. (Federal Association of Contemporary Circus e.V. )

The BUZZ acts as umbrella organisation for the field contemporary circus in Germany and represents all professional circus artists towards the public and politics. The BUZZ offers a comprehensive, up-to-date information and exchange platform for artists of the German circus scene through nationwide pole-cities, newsletters and its website. In addition, the BUZZ is the organizer of round-tables, network meetings, organisers' meetings, conferences and initiator of the Zirkus ON funding programme. Currently, at the beginning of 2021, the BUZZ represents more than 160 members, which include individual artists, companies, festivals, agencies and venues in and from Germany.

The BUZZ works on the long-term establishment of the field contemporary circus as an art form within the performing arts. In this context, it pursues the goal that its artists gain equal access to public funding and creation structures. The BUZZ is also committed to expanding national creation and production structures, as well as improving working conditions and educational opportunities for all circus artists. The BUZZ strongly represents artistic as well as structural and cultural policy interests.

The BUZZ is an associate member of the Bundesverband Freie Darstellende Künste (BFDK) and the Allianz der Freien Künste, a cooperation partner of the program Kreativ Transfer from the Dachverband Tanz, co-author of the Manifesto for Contemporary Circus and co-signator of the Berlin Declaration DIE VIELEN. In addition, the BUZZ is active member of the European network Circostrada and internationally connected through the network of circus magazines Circostrada and internationally connected through the network of circus magazines INCam .

The BUZZ acts on international as well as national and regional levels through various working groups, focus initiatives and so-called pole-cities. Currently, these regional poles are located in Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, Cologne, Munich, Essen, Leipzig, Darmstadt, Stuttgart and Freiburg, and are represented by more than 20 BUZZ coordinators, who act as contact persons for the local artists and network them in regular round-tables. BUZZ lives and loves this decentralized and grassroot-democratic working structure, because it wants to act close to the scene and the needs of circus workers in all areas.

The BUZZ has emerged from the “Initiative Neuer Zirkus", which was founded in 2011. Since 2019, the BUZZ has been a federal association and is therefore pursuing structuring and professionalization.

The BUZZ works on a voluntary basis and finances its activities through membership fees, as well as spot project grants. In 2021, the project Upcoming:Circus is funded by the Fons Darstellende Künste (performing arts fund) from funds of the Federal Government's representatives for culture and media.

The Association's statutes (in German)


Berlin | Cox Ahlers, Marina Rieger, Alice Greenhill, Anke Politz, Alexandra Henn, Kathrin Wagner, Sophia Kurmann, Anna-Katharina Andrees
Hamburg | Andree Wenzel
Köln | Tim Behren, Jenny Patschovsky, Yolande Sommer, Christoph Rummel, Malte Garrecht, Lisa Lehnen, Markus Bitter, Dominikus Moos
Leipzig | Lotte Mueller
München | Valérie Marsac, Kolja Huneck
Ruhrgebiet | Klaus Borkens, Sabeth Dannenberg
Darmstadt | Anne Holdik, Mitja Averhoff
Stuttgart | Timon Schilling
Bremen | Tine Thevissen, Silke Schirok
Freiburg | Günter Klingler, Annabelle Becker


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The people behind the association

Jenny Patschovsky

Co-founder, chairwoman, pole-city Cologne

Cox Ahlers

Chairwoman, pole-city Berlin

Tim Behren

Co-Founder, pole-city Cologne

Valérie Marsac

Pole-city Munich

Andree Wenzel

Pole-city Hamburg

Alice Greenhill

Pole-city Berlin

Klaus Borkens (†)

Co-Founder, pole-city Ruhrgebiet

Lotte Mueller

Pole-city Leipzig

Kolja Huneck

Pole-city Munich

Anke Politz

Pole-city Berlin

Marina Rieger

Pole-city Berlin

Alexandra Henn

Pole-city Berlin

Yolande Sommer

Pole-city Cologne

Christoph Rummel

Co-Founder, pole-city Cologne

Anne Holdik

Pole-city Darmstadt

Mitja Averhoff

Pole-city Darmstadt

Markus Bitter

IT, treasurer

Kathrin Wagner

Pole-city Berlin

Anna-Katharina Andrees

Pole-city Berlin

Dominikus Moos

Pole-city Cologne

Silke Schirok

Städtepol Bremen

Swantje Kawecki

Städtepol Köln, Bürokraft

Tine Thevissen

Städtepol Bremen

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