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BUZZ activities


Annually recurring formats offered by the BUZZ:

  • Network meetings (once a year with an event partner who is part of the scene)
  • Organizers' Forum (twice a year, on specific topics, online)
  • Organizers’ Event (once a year, analogue / on site)
  • General Meeting (once year, for BUZZ members only)
  • Zirkus ON kick-off presentations (annually, in May)
  • Zeit für Zirkus within the context of the international Nuit du Cirque (annually, 2nd weekend in November)
  • World circus day activities (annually, 3rd Saturday in April)
  • Exhibitor with lectures / pitch sessions / exchange formats at IKF


// Network activities
invitation for meet ups and strengthening the network:

  • Roundtables#CircusRegular meet ups of the local scene in the respective cities with "Städtepole" (pole cities)
  • Digital nationwide Roundtables#Circus1 to 2 times a year
  • Network eventsAnnual organizers meeting as part of a (circus) festival
  • Event organizers meetingsAnnual meeting of all circus professionals at a festival with room for meetings, exchange and the joint dealing with a specific topic
  • Event organizers’ forumDigital meeting, twice a year on specific topics


// Professional support
providing career guidance

  • Zirkus ON : Support programme for contemporary circus productions in Germany incl. mentoring
  • Trade fair visit at the Internationale Kulturbörse Freiburg (IKF): Marketing, Consulting, Lectures, …
  • Creation LabWork-in-progress showings in a safe space with specialist audience and feedback opportunities
  • Pitching-Session: Connecting established artists and newcomers with organizers and programme curators
  • Individual consultation by experts from the network (on request)


// Learning opportunities
for further education, exchange and knowledge transfer:

Workshops offered by active BUZZ members::

  • Thematic Creation, Cox Ahlers –
  • Körper – Raum – Objekt, Cox Ahlers
  • Bauhaus und Zirkus, Jenny Patschovsky & Cox Ahlers
  • We Wall Window – Workshop für ortsspezifische Performance, Cox Ahlers
  • Outside eye, Kreationsbegleitung
  • Tanz & Choreographie, Günter Klingler Link
  • Jonglage & Choreographie, Günter Klingler
  • Zeitgenössischer Zirkus: Research in der eigenen Zirkusdisziplin, Günter Klingler
  • YOUR CREATIVE SPACE – Michael Chekhov Technique for Circus performers and others, Anna-Katharina Andrees
  • Collective Writing, performanceorientierter Kreationsprozess, Andree Wenzel
  • Performance toolbox, scores & exercises for performative creation, Andree Wenzel

Informative events, lectures & seminars offered by the BUZZ so far:

  • Zirkus, eine Kunst, die alles kann: Cox Ahlers (LOFFT Leipzig 2019)
  • Vom Potential und der Flexibilität des Zeitgenössischen Zirkus im aktuellen Veranstaltungskontext, Jenny Patschovsky (IKF 2021)
  • Sustainable Touring – a conversation, Marina Rieger & Heleen De Boever (IKF 2021)
  • Zirkus ON ist not a dream, Andree Wenzel (IKF 2021)
  • Impulsvortrag Neuer Zirkus, Jenny Patschovsky (Themenforum Kultur der Ruhrkonferenz Künstler-Metropole Ruhr 2019)


// International networking
move internationally and share best practices:

  • Circostrada ‚Fresh Circus‘: BUZZ participates in the international seminars ‚fresh Circus‘ of Circostrada, biennially taking place in a European city as part of a festival or cultural event. More than 300 international circus professionals and networks in the cultural sector meet up to promote the structural development, further development and recognition of the contemporary circus sector worldwide.
  • European ‚Nuit du Cirque‘: Der BUZZ unterstützt die Koordination und die Sichtbarkeit der Veranstaltungen, die von der deutschen Zirkusszene im Rahmen der europäischen Nuit du Cirque unter dem Namen „Zeit für Zirkus“ initiiert sind.
  • Region Grand Est/Réseau Grand Ciel/Le Palc


// Discourse
initiate debates, give impulse to new ideas and work interdisciplinary

  • Representation of contemporary circus at symposia & conferences / cultural policy committees / free scene meetings
  • Representation of the field contemporary circus at the Genre Gipfel LAFT Berlin (2019,2020)
  • BUZZ presentation at the European Theater Forum (2020 digital)
  • BUZZ representation in participatory part of Perform Europe – Reimagine Touring (2021)


// Solidarity
campaigns with which we show solidarity:

  • Manifest des zeitgenössischen Zirkus in Deutschland – the BUZZ is co-author and signatory Link
  • Die Vielen the BUZZ signed the Berliner Erklärung unterzeichnet


Current dates you can find in our event calendar and on our Facebook page.


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