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The Attentive Act – Lisard Tranis & Clémentine Telesfort

Movement workshop with Lisard Tranis and Clémentine Telesfort

Our workshop is aimed at people from all disciplines that are interested in expanding their creative tools and refining their movement quality. We propose the participants to focus on four main aspects that we are keen to develop as dance artists: sensitivity, control, availability, and creative adaptation.

The classes will tackle movement efficiency, with an emphasis on quality and fluidity. We will seek control of the body to support our decision-making or partner work. This stability and accuracy will be obtained from training an active center and a fluid pelvis, thus allowing for an articulate and expansive movement to unfold in space. We will play with the plasticity of our imaginary through physical and mental challenges or creative improvisations, and use it as a source for instant composition.

We will be offering tools that allow the participants to investigate their original movement and challenge their practice as a performer beyond technical restriction. We are interested in the quality of the relationships we cultivate with ourselves and others, training a sensitive and adaptable body that can free our imagination and support our performance state.

Places: 30
Times: Saturday and Sunday : 11.00-17.00h
Price: Early bird: 75‎€ – Regular price: 90‎€

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Jun 13 - 14 2020


11:00 - 17:00
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