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Lulu première in ACUD theater

Three years after the residency showing in Katapult, Lulu has her Official premiere in ACUD theater in the heart of the city of Berlin. There are only 70 seats available so make sure to reserve in advance at

Ticket Price: 15,00€ normal, 10,00€ reduced

Shows on:

  • Wednesday 11th May 20:00
  • Thursday 12th May 20:00
  • Friday 13th May 20:00


About the show:

He is searching.
Constantly searching, for Lulu.
And parallel to this desperate search, is an equally desperate flight.
He is running away; from his fears, his desires, his reality.
Lulu is the story of this paradoxical quest, which leads this troubled individual through a fantastical journey across deserts, skies, striptease clubs and caves.
But no matter how far he runs, the path always seems to take him back to where he started, back to the misery of reality.
The underlying mood of the piece is dark – but most topics are approached from a comical perspective.

Lulu is a multilayered performance, including a wide variety of techniques, such as dance, clown, object manipulation, and acrobatics. Physical theatre and mime are the primary tools used to create the framework of the piece. Using only gestures and the power of the audience’s imagination, the performer thus embarks on a strange adventure, taking the spectators along with him. The starting point for the protagonist’s journey is, like in many stories, his house. However, this setting is undesirable, because Lulu, the driving force of the whole story, is missing. The protagonist desperately tries to escape the dreariness of this normality by any means, but no matter how hard he tries he is eventually confronted to the crudeness of reality, and finds himself back to square one.
The interdependence of the character’s mindset and his environment is a central theme of the piece. As the character’s mood changes, so do his surroundings, and thus the audience is constantly kept on its toes, as sudden mood swings completely alter the space.
A situation can change suddenly and a seemingly insignificant gesture can have drastic consequences in the future.

Philippe Ducasse, known as Philo, is a multidisciplinarian circus artist. His captivating performances often include his two main specialities – contact staff and contact ball juggling – but
Philo is also comfortable in a variety of other techniques; including clown, handstands, dance, acrobatics, and mime.

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Mai 11 - 13 2022


20:00 - 21:00
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