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Kreationsworkshop Thematic Creation

Thematic Creation – workshop with Cox Ahlers

From inner thoughts to stage performance 
16-17 November, 2019
This is a lab for generating new aspects of creation. The questions, how to express ourselves, how to use our technical skill to deal with a theme and how to take a stand in the actually political circumstances constantly come along in our quotidian art-work.

In the lab Thematic Creation Cox Ahlers is working on the three layers of theme-work and the inner picture in the action. In the exercises, improvisations and permanent creation we work exemplary to find new ways of dealing with creation and to enrich the thinking about it.

Thematic Creation addresses to artists who are in or begin a creation, also to directors, choreographs and dramatic advisers who want to expand their abilities in a two-way discourse. Creatives from all arts and disciplines are welcome.

Cox Ahlers is living and working in Berlin, born 1979 in Heidelberg, she started circus at the age of nine. In ESAC Brussels she graduated 2002 as dance-acrobat specialised in site specific performances. Now she is working as performer, director, teacher, outside-eye and project manager in the field of contemporary circus. Recently as impulse-artist at Die Etage (Berlin), DOCH (Stockholm) and Codarts (Rotterdam) and curator for contemporary circus at Bauhaus Dessau Foundation.

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Saturday and Sunday: 10.00-13.00h, 14.30-17h

Early bird: 75€
Regular price: 85€

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Nov 16 - 17 2019




Wilhelminenhofestr 91 - Berlin
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