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Fluxfulness – Antoni Androulakis

Two days of movement with Antoni Androulakis

The class is a synthesis of the different ways I have approached the floor work over the past 7 years. It will include a body preparation which consists of a mix of strength and coordination exercises, making our body ready to incorporate new information in a sustainable way.

The practice aims at refining our sensitivity in order to build an awareness that helps us
re-understanding the movement in terms of sensations. Through the ideas of the push and the release, we will look at a way to build a relationship with the floor which allows us more ease and freedom without compromising a challenging physicality.

We will consider our body as a holistic organism. Seeing it as a whole rather than separated bits, we will find ways to make our full body contributes to the movement rather than its parts moving independently.

As my interests expand to acrobatics and mindfulness, I will also bring different ingredients from those fields to enrich the practice in terms of motions and sensations.

I do not see much difference in between the way I deal with movement and how I deal with my daily life. My teaching is a synthesis of my intuitive understanding of things I like to make myself busy with: awareness, self-honesty, challenge and playfulness.

Places: 24
Times: Saturday and Sunday : 13.00-16.30h
Price: Early bird: 50 – Regular price: 65

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Aug 29 - 30 2020


13:00 - 18:30
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