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Circles, Cycles & Rhythms – Damien Boisbouvier

Two days of flow juggling & object manipulation with Damien Boisbouvier

Kúklos is Cycle. Kúklos is Circle. Kúklos is any circular movement; or object, such as a wheel, a ring, a sphere, a globe. It is also a marketplace, a crowd of people.

Rhuthmós is Rhythm. Rhuthmós comes from Flow. Rhuthmós is any measured movement; repeating, regular motion, such as a vibration. It is proportion, it is symmetry, it is arrangement, it is order. It is also state, condition; form, shape; fashion, manner.

By using those two focal points as guiding principles, this workshop aims to explore and to discover together some ways to better encompass them within our own practice of juggling & object manipulation.

Given those circumstances, we will intent to have an “orb-weaver » spiral approach into a mazing web, so that everyone make its own silk path at its own pace.

We would then progress eccentrically (of course), and sweep at 360° through parts of several radiant threads:

– From Body to Objects: First Referentials

– Manipulations: Swinging & Contacts

– Trochoïdal Motions: Cycles of circles

– Orbital Throws: Senses of Rotation

– Weaving Arms: Mills & Messes

– Actions Qualities: Flow & Form

– Juggling Patterns: States & Transitions

– Composing Rhythms: Periods & Agitations Levels

– From Plane to Space: Revolutions

– From Self to Swarm: Interactions

– SiteSwap & SpiNote Notation System (S3N2)

Minimum entry level : 3 objects cascade. Even if my own practice is mostly turned towards clubs; balls, rings, hoops and all objects having at least one rotational symmetry are strongly welcomed.

Places: 15
Times: Saturday and Sunday: 09.30h-18.00h (30 min warm-up & breaks included)
Price: Early bird: 60€ – Regular price: 75€
Early bird price – until 1 month before the workshop

For registration please visit


Jun 20 - 21 2020


9:30 - 18:00
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