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La Nuit du Cirque 2021

La Nuit du Cirque

The 'Nuit du Cirque' (or Circus Night) is taking place on 12th-14th, November 2021. This year, the events organized in Germany are coordinated by the Berlin association Forum Neuer Zirkus Zeit für Zirkus. Zeit für Zirkus is the name of the nationwide project bundling all events taking place in Germany in the context of the Nuit du Cirque.Goals are audience development as well as the commitment of new venues for contemporary circus in Germany. For the Circus Night in 2021, the BUZZ is a cooperation partner of Forum Neuer Zirkus helping amongst other things with network mobilization.

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Zeit für Zirkus is funded by Fonds Darstellende Künste in the framwork of NEUSTART cultural program #TakePart.

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