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IM/MOBILITY – Premiere

29th und 30th of September 2021 in HELLERAU – European Centre for the Arts.

IM/MOBILITY – Both, and everything more than just the the two extremes take place in different physical, social and mental spaces. But how are they connected? How are places related to our mental and social mobility? What are the limits of mobility?

The performance, at the intersection of contemporary circus and contemporary dance, plays with expectations and explores diverse perspectives on mobility. IM/MOBILITY moves vertically, horizontally, inside and outside, in social space as well as in physical space. It questions social orders, the rigidity of structures and the potential for change through one’s own physical and mental flexibility.

An immersive stage invites the audience to become self-determined actors within the production by Lotte Mueller, to adopt perspectives and to change them again and again. The five diverse performers enter into a dialogue with each other and beyond.

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