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Masterclass Theater in Public Space

An open call for performance artists, actors, dancers, musicians or students in the same fields who work or would like to work within the field of contemporary circus and theatre in public space.

Apply now for an international masterclass by Gordon Wilson in cooperation with Festival Oeverloos and Künstlerstadt Kalbe. The masterclass includes an intensive workshop plus performances at Festival Oeverloos (NL) and BRUCCA! Festival (D). 

The masterclass offers 

Space and the objects in it. What does it/do they invite?
How to interact with it/with them? 

Relationship to and interaction with it 

Non-verbal language
Communication over long and short distances, in busy and noisy environments 

Being open to and working with the unexpected 

The power of the group in its own right and as a support for others (soloists, duos) 

the chance to participate in a workshop for the creation of new tools, techniques, practices, and materials, for the development of the participants’ professional practice. 

Gordon Wilson has been working as an actor and ‘maker’ for about 40 years – in classical theatre, music theatre, children’s theatre, dance, opera, circus, but also for much of that time in the world of street arts. With a whole series of small-scale productions he played in an unimaginable variety of places for all kinds of people all over Europe and beyond. Whilst accepting that performing in the public space is not necessarily everyone’s priority, he perceives it as a context in which, as an actor, dancer or musician, one can only become stronger, more open and more versatile. Seeking the challenge but also inspiration the public space has been an enriching environment ever since, requiring a curiosity, generosity, and adaptability.

12.9. Arrival in Zutphen (NL)
13.-17.9. Workshop + Rehearsals
18. & 19.9. Performances at Festival Oeverloos

23.9. Arrival in Kalbe/Milde (D)
24.9. Rehearsal
25. & 26.9. Performances at BRUCCA! Festival

Participation is free of charge. Travel expenses can be reimbursed partially. Limited spots for participation.

Apply via:

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