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Storytelling for Circus with Charlotte Mooney (Ockham’s Razor)

An opportunity to take part in online storytelling workshops for circus performers. In this current climate of financial uncertainty, we have decided to make the course FREE so it is available to all participants.

Over 5 sessions, we will look at how to tell stories authentically with presence and without script. We will use a range of material; folk tales, myths, contemporary and non-fiction to learn the fundaments of story structure, visualisation and how to bring a story to life with spontaneity and improvisation.

We will work together in a group of 10 in a supportive environment. No previous experience needed.
The workshops will take place on Tuesday mornings 10:00-11:30am on 21st July, 28th July, 4th August, 11th August & 18th August. You must be available to attend all sessions. Sessions will take place over Zoom.

Registration via email until 14th July: Charlotte Mooney (Co-Artistic Director of Ockham’s Razor)

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