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Workshops im November in Katapult, Berlin

Im November bietet Katapult drei Workshops an:

. Your Creative Space 3.0 – Three days of ‘Michael Chekhov acting technique’ with Anna-Katharina Andrees

1-3 November, 2019

This is a workshop for circus-artists and performers who are interested to find out about the power of imagination and how to work with your stage character. Focus on imagination, characterisation and the use of space.

. Build, Destroy and Rebuild – Acrobatic and hand to hand research Lab with Tiphaine Rochais and Daniele Sorisi 

9-10 November, 2019

The goal of this workshop is to learn new techniques and ways to create acrobatic material alone, in couple or in groups.

. Thematic Creation – From inner thoughts to stage performance with Cox Ahlers

16-17 November, 2019

A lab for generating new aspects of creation. Exploring the questions which come along in the quotidian art-work : how to express ourselves, how to use our technical skill to deal with a theme and how to take a stand in the actually political circumstances.

All Workshops takes place in: Katapult, Wilhelminenhofstr 91, 12459 Berlin

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