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Open Call International Circus Artists Residency in Chapitô, Lissabon

Residency Conditions
Language: English or Portuguese
Duration: 1 to 3 months
Deadline: Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. We can support an application for the mobility funding i-Portunus within the next submission deadline of 5th September 2019.


As a professional circus artist or performing duo, you can become an artist in residence at Chapitô. You stay on full board (meals and accommodation included) in our centre. We offer you free rehearsal in our performing halls as well as the possibility of getting involved in the circus art and cultural scenes. This project would thereby allow you to enrich your own practices through the exchange of skills and experiences. You have the opportunity to try-out your production for the public. With the objective of stimulating an exchange you will be teaching our students your developed work and specialised techniques.
Located in Lisbon, Chapitô is a space and multidisciplinary project where activities are developed in three areas in permanent joint: Social Action, Training and Culture. A house of culture and spectacle, with Circus Arts´ relevance.

• This includes a full time Circus School with two courses: Circus Arts and Circus Stage/Costume Design – strongly mingled and with innovative curriculum processes! Both give equivalence to the 12th grade High School.
• A social project supported by the principles of inclusion, solidarity and social justice!
• An event production sector that carries out innovative animations for individuals, companies and organizations in Portugal and abroad!
• A restaurant with a concept and prestige that simultaneously ensures canteen service for students and Chapitô fellow workers.
With an institutional history for almost 40 years, Chapitô emerges as an important institution in the city´s and country´s history.

Chapitô will provide some combination of:
• Accommodation: Furnished room with one bunk bed, kitchen and bathroom. This room is connected to the Institution and the workspaces.
• Support to apply at i-Portunus, an EU Program for artists mobility (next Deadline 5. September 2019)
• In case of no public funding we provide accommodation, full board and some spending money
• Space for art creation/development and rehearsal for the duration of the residency
• Space for showings
• Support for creative work and coordinating the performance
• Promotional support such as listing on our website and social media

You can become an artist in residence if you…
• are a professional circus artist or duo (max. 2 people within the same period)
• are willing to provide a masterclass for our school students (aged 15 – 20). Antipodism, Tightrope walking and Unicycle are given priority.
• want to meet and network with colleagues from other European Circuses
• want to get inspired by new ideas and shared best practices
• want to discover new contexts, cities and perspectives
• want to interact with the (youth) groups trough try-outs, open rehearsals, workshops, informal meetings…
• want to be represented at European and international level. This collaboration is an exchange and can be a creative experiment but there is no production obligation.

For your application please provide the following:
• To apply, please send your documents to Teresa Ricou, Director of Chapitô, at
• Information about your artistic interest (less then 1000 words)
• Curriculum Vitae and contact information (no more than 2 pages)
• Examples of past work (e.g. videos, photos, reviews with max. 8MB)
• A statement about what you propose to develop during the residency
• Desired dates of residency
• Information about your estimated requirements such as space, rigging points and equipment
• A workshop description which you will provide for the students (less then 200 words) Antipodism – juggling with feet, Tightrope walking and Unicycle are given priority.
• Please confirm that you understand that along with the directives of GDPR the information you are submitting will be handled by the Coordinators of Chapitô under the privacy and protection policy. We will use it to communicate with you about this and potentially other initiatives organised by our organisations. You can opt out at any point by contacting

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