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Opium_take me somewhere good – Creation with Firenza Guidi – Katapult Berlin

The workshop/creation is open to actors, circus performers, dancers, musicians, visual artists and technicians from all disciplines and to all thosewith a desire to embark on a multi-faceted creative journey.   

The process is intensive and demands commitment and physical stamina.

For 8 days participants will work through creative impulses under the Artistic Direction of Firenza Guidi. The work will culminate in a presentation on the last night.  Participants will be supported and encouraged to expand their skills and engage in an exhilarating process of structured creative collaboration. 

For years, the Italian director has been developing her style of performance, based on an unique physical language, developing circus skills, a fusion of text, voice, music, visual arts and a constant re-defining of the relationship performer-space and performer-spectator, both seen as co-players in the creative process.

The creative residency takes place at Katapult in Berlin 
The creative residency lasts 8 days and it is full-time
The school is conducted in English, Italian, French

Eight days of new creative residency directed by Firenza Guidi – NoFit state Circus

13 – 20 April 2019
Wilhelminenhofstr 91, 12459 Berlin

Participants must be 17+
Admission to the workshop/creation is by application – email and CV to:

Number of participants : up to 20 performers
Cost: Creative Residency: 275 Euros. 

Payment details will be sent following successful application.
Participants are responsible for their own accommodation and travel and insurance. 

 Image from: Lake Without Tears directed by Firenza Guidi – Photo Credit:  N. Cioni 

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