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Study: The Situation of Circus in Europe

Support the advocacy work of contemporary circus on european level by completing the census (links below)

As part of this Study, which was initiated by the European Commission, the census aimed at professionals who in 2018 were in any capacity working in the field of circus in a European Member State is now live. If you worked in or with the circus industry in Europe in 2018, in contemporary circus arts, traditional/classical or commercial circus or any combination of these, and in any type of employed or self-employed role you are invited to please participate. Different language options can be accessed by clicking the top right hand corner. The link for companies is suitable for creation centres, training schools, theatres and festivals as well as circus companies. The Expert Panel for the Circus Census comprises: Fédération Mondiale du Cirque, The European Circus Association, CircusNext, Circostrada, FEDEC and ENTE. Thank you to these Partners.

For Professionals –

For Organisations –

This Study will make a significant difference to the overall funding and status of circus in Europe if it is able to capture the breadth and magnitude of the industry. To do this it requires a high number of people working at a professional level in or with the industry to participate. Please can you be kind and circulate the link to other circus colleagues, venues and festivals. The deadline for completion is 28 February 2019 when the on-line portal will close. Your time dedicated to this circus census is very much appreciated.

The circus census is one component of „The Situation of Circus in Europe Study“, the process of which also includes gathering information about the funding for circus, allocation of work permits and education of children whilst travelling with shows. If you have named contacts in any Member State who deal with these areas I would be grateful if you could please let me know so I can ensure a complete list is held. Signposting to reports that you consider to be useful at a national or European level (in whatever language) would also be helpful. You can either send these to me by email or go onto and post comments here (with or without leaving your name and email.)

The Situation of Circus in Europe Study is funded with support from the European Commission.

Verena Cornwall

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